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Disruptive Liturature to Heal Your Soul

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The Time is Now: The Great Awakening and Our Expansion in Consciousness

Welcome to the consciousness revolution.

Humanity is currently at the forefront of a giant leap in evolution. In the future we will be a sovereign and telepathic society.

Throughout many prior astrological ages, the strength of our connection to our higher self, and source energy had diminished. That process is currently being reversed. Through our expansion in consciousness, we are in the process of reconnecting to our higher selves, to source energy and to each other. The next step on the evolutionary ladder is to transcend to 5D consciousness. Consciousness is the commodity of our future.

Humanity’s expansion in consciousness is known as “The Great Awakening”. In this context, what does it mean to awaken? There are three major progressions in our awakening.

First, awakening refers to the realization that everything in existence is made of vibrating particles of energy. Just as Nikola Tesla proclaimed, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Once we know this, we next realize that everything in existence is inextricably linked. Since all that exists, (including air, water, people, animals, plants, thoughts, words, feelings and actions) is made up of infinitesimally small particles that vibrate, then we (humanity) are vibrating particles that are immersed in vibrating particles (air). Through vibration, whatever we feel, think, say and do, affects all that is. So the second progression is awakening to the fact that we are all one.

Next, the third progression is that since we are all one, the only sensible way to exist is in a state of unconditional love for all. In other words, if we have negative thoughts, feelings, words or actions towards others, we are being negative towards ourselves. What we put out as energy (as a vibrational frequency) goes into the one energy field, which is our energy field as well. Attacking, retaliating, sulking, and brooding is not helpful, and not even neutral to us, it is actually harmful.

For further clarification, this means that we create whatever is occurring in our life. The frequency of our vibrations in thoughts, speech, feelings and deeds, creates our reality. If we want a loving, peaceful, free, and joyful reality, we must align our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions to love, peace, freedom, and joy.

In sum, 5D consciousness is the consciousness of unity and unconditional love. Once we know that our energy materializes, we shift our mindset. Oneness replaces separation, love replaces fear. This is how “New Earth” is actualized: through expansion to unity consciousness and unconditional love for all.


“The Time is Now”, is an awakening code that triggers our DNA to remember our true nature. We are love from pure love.

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