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Disruptive Liturature to Heal Your Soul

  • Dr. Stacie Lauro

Dear Gen Z: A thank you letter to this "woke" generation

My kids, both late teens now, are of the “Gen Z” generation. Therefore, I speak from the perspective of immersion in their world. I am continually amazed by Gen Z’s tendency toward precocious behavior. In general, they are more emotionally intelligent, socially accepting, and culturally attuned. My kids have taught me so much. And when I slip back into a “zombie” mode, they never fail to snap me out of it!

As my daughter likes to remind me, “We were born woke, mom!” She says this, yet I am certain she is not aware of the profundity of her words.

Gen Z has yielded a high percentage of starseeds, old souls, and lightworkers that reincarnated on earth to aid humanity in raising its consciousness.

This is in alignment with the Age of Aquarius which brings an expansion of our consciousness. This expansion occurs on the soul level. In other words, it comes from the heart via love and gratitude. Many of the Gen Z souls were born with innate knowledge from experiences of former lifetimes over eons of time on Earth and on different star systems. Even if you are not a believer in reincarnation, their precociousness still makes sense genetically, since we now know that each generation is born with cultural and social epigenetic improvements from the lessons and experiences of prior generations.

An example of their evolved state of mind is the increased number of LGBQT individuals. As a psychiatrist, I have often been asked to comment on the reason for the increase. Often these queries come from a place of negative judgment as if this is abnormal. Actually, the reverse is true. They are evolved. As society advocates for equality, we produce younger generations born with more open-mindedness and less judgemental attitudes. Thus, humanity continues to approach a greater balance of the masculine and feminine both within each individual person (aka, as an individual manifestation of the collective) and within society, (aka, the collective).

If you are tuned into the New Age and the large-scale awakening that is occurring, you understand that everything in the universe is interconnected through the primordial consciousness energy that exists in all of us. Whatever happens within our individual manifestation also occurs at the macrocosmic unified-field-of-consciousness level. So when we become more open, respectful, and loving to ourselves and others, the cultural consciousness shifts as well.

Additionally, the children of Gen Z tend to have a mindset of inclusiveness, freedom, and compassion. They have brought an increased insistence of love and acceptance despite outer differences in appearance. They are more interested in sovereignty and less willing to compromise societal ideals. Also, they recognize the interconnectedness of the all-that-is and therefore care about the environment and take steps to care for the planet.

Emotionally, they are a sensitive generation. They seem born with the awareness of the game theory depicted in the movie, "War Games". They realize that just as there are only disastrous outcomes from countries bombing each other, in the same vein, there are only more problems that occur from meanness, slander, and physical aggression.

Yet, while they are more sensitive, and less innately prone to acts of anger and hate, at the same time, they maintain boundaries and defend their principles.

My son once commented, “The reason Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader is because the Jedi Masters refused to acknowledge that he was more powerful than they were". This is an allegorical lesson for older generations to appreciate this generation's superpowers.

If we were to be open to the fact of the universe that this generation is innately more connected to the all-that-is, we would help them to tap into their full psychic potential. Instead, we berate them, pressure them for physical and economic performance and drive them materially. As in my book, “True You, True Unity”, human psychic “superpowers” are achieved through love and gratitude. In fact, it has been shown that a child’s inner state reflects outer performance. Happier and more relaxed children perform better in school. As a matter of research, when teachers and adults expect children to do well, children perform better. When there are negative expectations, their performance is worse.

This ultimate potential derives from spirit. Gen Z-ers were born with a greater connection to their higher self and the universe. This is why the current generation is more proficient in lucid dreaming and astral travel. They are also more connected to their innate psychic abilities, such as claircognizance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance. In fact, there have been reports of training programs for children in China to develop their psychic abilities. Also, we know that in ancient societies such as Lemuria, Atlantis, and Egypt, (which many of the Gen Z’s have experienced in former lifetimes), the citizens readily utilized the aforementioned psychic abilities. These civilizations also had direct relationships with ET’s and had incredibly advanced technologies. However, as humanity became more externally and ego-driven, we lost touch with these types of abilities. It is hopeful to see that we are returning to a more spiritual and heart-centered world in which we can reclaim these inherent powers.

In summary, the next time you are about to school a Gen Z in societal rules, think twice. They may know more than you think. You are products of your former cultural training. So, maybe there is more value in their perspective than we know. Perhaps we can all stand to learn a thing or two from this sensitive, loving, diverse, accepting, and “wise beyond their years” generation. Personally, I want to say thank you to Gen Z. Their very existence here now, has already catalyzed a marked shift in our conventional paradigm.

This message is brought to you by you and me - the collective and scribed by me, Stacie Lauro, MD

You are the other me.

In Unity, For Unity

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