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Dr. Stacie Lauro • 3 min read

Did Humanity Manifest the Coronavirus?

Society is currently chasing the zeitgeist of “manifestation” via the universal law of attraction.

 The law of attraction first gained infamy due to the book “The Secret”. The principle followed by supporters states that you create whatever you put your energy towards. Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and countless other motivational experts have made million dollar businesses encouraging people to manifest their dream life via the law attraction. The law of attraction is based on the science of the Universal Law of Unity which basically states that everything exists as energy and is part of the same unified energy field. In other words, all that we think, do and say effect all that is. As evidence, the “slit experiment” in quantum physics is famous for demonstrating that a quantum particle changes its behavior when it is being watched (i.e. human energy effecting into the particle).  


A related implication is the Universal Law of Mirrors. Essentially, since the energy, we put into the field through our thoughts patterns, and behaviors changes the energy field accordingly, that energy is reflected back to us. What we see in the Universe, is what we contributed. In this way, the Universe gives us exactly what we need to change and grow. For example, if I repeatedly have a problem asserting my self, then my opinion, wants, and needs cease to exist. Thus, I feel more and more lost and uncertain of who I am because other people have determined my life. If it repeatedly happens, the pain this causes me becomes more and more obvious and the problem becomes undeniable to the point where I start to take a different view and action.

If we accept these laws as truths, it begs the question, “Did we manifest Coronavirus?” It is interesting to note that  Coronavirus started at a time in our history of pique detachment from each other and our hearts. We have had the highest rates of depression, anxiety, trauma, and existential crises. We pressure ourselves and our children to constantly do, perform, and compete starting at earlier and earlier ages. We are absorbed in social media and lacking personal connection. When we are in-person, we typically aren’t fully present in the moment. Social media makes it easier to lack empathy and compassion and to speak without concern of hurting others. The rates of suicide have increased dramatically in the last decade. Due to the rapidly growing numbers of people affected by this increasingly cold, non-human, detached environment, the mental health field is over-burdened and underserved and can not catch up with ballooning demand.

In terms of the quantum field, we were exuding emotional pain. Our hearts were hurting and we felt emotionally ill.  We were constantly doing, focused on material items and money and we metaphorically did not have room to breathe. Cue Coronavirus. Literal translation: “virus of the heart”. Physical sequelae include difficulty breathing and sometimes subsequent death from lack of oxygen. Social and cultural consequences included separation and isolation. Note the drastic obviation of the problem via the law of mirrors. However, on a brighter note, the law of mirrors also provides us exactly what we need for change.

Our awareness of the emotional effects from lack of disconnection were obviated. People were more able to take time from doing, change their priorities and turn inward. The pandemic has catalyzed a massive increase in the number of awakenings, a return to our spirit, and a  search for our true essence.

So what then is the solution?


If this theory holds true. The answer is to love yourself, and to love others as yourself.  Turn inward, meditate, find acceptance and love for all of who you are, and therefore love, and acceptance for all that is. Move away from external ego and into internal heart and soul. Recognizing the interconnectedness of everything allows us to know that how we treat ourselves is how we treat others and how we treat others is how we treat ourselves. When we truly understand this, it isn’t possible then to exist any other way than as unconditional love. Practice this and change over time. Meditate on love and gratitude for yourself and all that is. Then will we see more and more shifts in our paradigm to a more peaceful, joyful, interconnected, abundant, and healthy world.

Synthesized and scribed from the collective, for the collective, by Stacie Lauro, MD.

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